Its a Girl! Zookeepers Determine Gender of IT NewsRare Baby Sumatran Orangutan

Better Call Jackson How to spot a used car thats been flooded

Researchers say orangutans like Kesuma are the most endangered species of apes and her birth marked a significant contribution to repopulating the Sumatran orangutan.

After zookeepers at the Chester Zoo confirmed the rare baby Sumatran orangutan was a girl, they named the newborn Kesuma, which means flower in Indonesian.

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Its a Girl! Zookeepers Determine Gender of Rare Baby Sumatran Orangutan

Franklin County Public Health did something this week it rarely does. It ordered a restaurant to close its doors.

Snowboarder Trapped in Avalanche Eternally Grateful for Rescuers Who Saved His Life

Kesuma, born in midDecember, is continuing to strengthen her bond with her mom, yearold Emma.

The next three months will be the busiest of the year for local health clubs and gyms.

Mama Orangutan Cant Stop Holding, Kissing Her New Baby

Officials say they were left with no other choice but to blow up a unit after an explosion earlier this week from homemade explosives.

Rare Albino Orangutan Gets Rescued After Shes Separated From Her Mom

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th annual NBC Firefighters For Kids Toy Drive

You Paid for it Tax reform could raise cost of OSU football tickets

Its a Girl! Zookeepers Determine Gender of Rare Baby Sumatran Orangutan

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London Zoo Names Its Newborn Okapi After Meghan Markle

Emmas baby girl Kesuma is her fifth youngster and shes such a good mum, the zoos curator of mammals, Tim Rowlands, said in a statement. Shes incredibly attentive and its wonderful to see her and her latest arrival forging close bonds.

The Chillicothe Police Department says one of its officers is on leave after a use of force incident that happened Wednesday morning at Ro

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Ohio woman says she found bloody tooth while eating cashews

Better Call Jackson Are reverse mortgages right for you?

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The species continues to be pushed to the brink of extinction in the wild due to habitat loss and an increasing demand of oil.

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Break out the pink ruffles, because its a girl!

Shesan incredibly important arrival for the conservation breeding program and can hopefully throw a spotlight on the huge pressures that her cousins are cing in the wild, Rowlands said.

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it worldSeaWorld

it worldSeaWorldI hope to inspire others, particularly bright young minds who want to know more about ocean life and what they can do to help.

For more than years, animal rescue and rehabilitation has been the heart of SeaWorld. From habitat protection and ocean health initiatives to our many rescue and rehabilitation efforts, SeaWorld supports conservation projects across the globe. Its our hope that when you meet our dedicated Animal Care Specialists or spend time with the animals in their care, you will be inspired to get involved too.

Your visit to SeaWorld isnt just a chance to feel connected to the ocean and its creatures its a way to be part of our mission. Each ticket, each visit, each experience at our parks help fund wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts, habitat protections, and ocean health initiatives.

For more than years, animal rescue and rehabilitation has been the heart of SeaWorld. From habitat protection and ocean health initiatives to our many rescue and rehabilitation efforts, SeaWorld supports conservation projects across the globe.

computer newsHop hop hooray! Hopfree beer is here

The Register Independent news and views for the tech community. Part of Situation Publishing

Screw luxury fridges, you can now run webOS on your Raspberry Pi

FBI raids home of spy sat techie over leak of secret comms source code on Facebook

Cambridge Analytica CEO suspended and thats not even the worst news for them today

, er, ., no, …. Nvidias Titan V GPUs spit out wrong answers in scientific simulations

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Fancy a viaduct? We have a wrought Victorian iron marvel to sell you

Austin bomber known as computer geek person who was computer newsrough around the edges

Officers located the recording, in which Conditt described creating seven devices, including one he blew up during the conflict with police, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference. The recording was made on a phone, which was found in the suspects possession following the confrontation.

Conditts aunttold FOX her nephews actions were a horrible, horrible thing.

Austin bombers mily We had no idea of the darkness that Mark must have been in

Austin police chief talks bombing suspects phone recording

Austin bomber recorded minute confession to his deadly crimes, police say

Fox News Elizabeth Zwirz, Nicole Darrah and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

I have no idea [why he did this], she said. He was at my Christmas le. He was a great kid. He was smart, loving, kind. I have no idea who this person is.

Conditt was the oldest of four children and grew up in Pflugerville, located northeast of Austin. On Wednesday, authorities recovered homemade explosives from inside the home, which he shared with two roommates.

Its just awful and Im so sorry that everybodys dealing with this, Mary Condiold the television station.

When I met Mark, he was really rough around the edges, Jeremiah Jensen told the news. He was a very assertive person and would…end up being kind of dominant and intimidating in conversation. A lot of people didnt understand him and where he was coming from. He really just wanted to tell the truth. What I remember about him he would push back on you if you said something without thinking about it. He loved to think and argue and turn things over and figure out what was really going on.

Authorities surround the home of the Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt in Pflugerville, Texas, Wednesday, March , .Jay Janner /Austin AmericanStatesman via AP

Dashcam video of deadly selfdriving Uber crash released

His uncle, who lives in Lakewood, Colorado, described him in an interview with the Associated Press as smart, and a computer geek.

I mean this is coming from nowhere. We just dont know what. I dont know how many ways to say it but everyone is caught off guard by this, Mike Courtney said.

Woman, found covered in vomit, huffed compressed air outside store, police say

Officials investigate near a vehicle, center, where a suspect in the deadly bombings that terrorized Austin blew himself up as authorities closed in on him, in Round Rock, Texas, Wednesday, March , .Jay Janner/Austin AmericanStatesman via AP

A spokesman for the church told the no records of past engagement or past involvement by Conditt were found.

A friend of Condiold the Austin AmericanStatesmanhe was smart and opinionated, but also intimidating.


Jensen, , told the Statesman they two were homeschooled and he would often go to the Conditt home for lunch after church on Sundays and they attended Bible study and other activities together. They became close in and .

Austin bombing suspect left minute video recording that the Austin police chief says on Hannity contains valuable evidentiary information.


Austin bomber known as computer geek, person who was rough around the edges

Conditt had attended regular church services at Austin Stone Community Church, according to Jensen, who added that he didnt know if Conditt held onto his ith.

I know ith was a serious thing for him, Jensen said. I dont know if he held onto his ith or not. The kind of anger that he expressed and the kind of hate that he succumbed to, thats not what he believed in in high school. I dont know what happened along the way. This wasnt him.

Authorities announced late Wednesday that Conditt recorded a minutelong confession to his crimes before detonating a bomb in his sport utility vehicle as officers moved in for an arrest near Austin.

The yearold man linked to the deadly bombings that rocked Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas over the past month was described by a mily member on Wednesday as a computer geek, while a friend described Mark Anthony Conditt as being an intimidating person.

Travis Fedschun is a reporter for m. Follow him on

This undated photo from Facebook and student ID photo released by Austin Community College shows Mark Anthony Conditt.Facebook/Austin Community College

In the recording, the yearold did not mention anything about terrorism, nor does he mention anything about hate, the police chief said. The message is rather the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life.

Conditt attended Austin Community College from to and was a business administration major, but he did not graduate, college spokeswoman Jessica Vess told the AP, adding that no disciplinary actions were made against Conditt.Austin bomber known as computer geek person who was computer newsrough around the edges

new technologyThe Advantages of New Technology for Businesses

new technologyThe Advantages of New Technology for Businesses[Information Technology] The Disadvantages of Information Technology in Business

[Disadvantages] The Disadvantages of Technology in the Workplace

[Business Communication] The Advantages of Technology in Business Communication

[Business Technology] What Are the Types of Business Technology?

Davidson, Ellis. n.d.. The Advantages of New Technology for Businesses.

Cuttingedge technology can create high benefits for businesses that are willing to be early adopters. This strategy, however, requires businesses to abandon technologies that never fully mature or that are themselves dropped by their parent companies. A nimble implementation strategy allows entrepreneurs to realize the benefits of new technologies while avoiding business workflow issues when a technology cannot survive in the marketplace.

Paradoxically, new technologies can be both a major source of expenses for your business, as well as a method of eradicating your biggest costs. Regular implementation of technology on the cutting edge means that sometimes you will need to abandon your investment if the technology ils to work, if it is defeated by its competition or if its parent company folds. On the other hand, some technologies completely change the cost structure for the service they provide Skype, for example, provides an inexpensive service that replaces both international phone calls and videoconferencing, which previously could cost thousands of dollars annually. Focus on the areas where you will see the biggest bang for your technology buck if a new technology succeeds but be ready to abandon the cutting edge if it cannot deliver on these promises.

[Technological Environment] Advantages Disadvantages of the Technological Environment When Marketing a Product

[Technology Advances] Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Advances

Diversity needs can require ongoing attention from HR departments.

[New Technology] How to Introduce New Technology to an Organization

[Benefits] Benefits of Technology in Business

[Innovative Technology] Advantages Disadvantages of Innovative Technology

For a small business, a technology should not be evaluated on its own merits but rather for the ways its implementation will allow your business to accomplish things that are impossible for your competitors. It does not matter if a technology speeds up your manucturing process by percent unless that speed is key to penetrating a market that you cannot otherwise reach. A new technology that is disruptive to the overall marketplace but that will give you the firsttomarket advantage, is the best new process to consider.

[Importance] Importance of Technology in the Workplace

Davidson, Ellis. The Advantages of New Technology for Businesses.

[Business Technology] What Is Business Technology?

Davidson, Ellis. The Advantages of New Technology for Businesses accessed March , .

Ellis Davidson has been a selfemployed Internet and technology consultant, entrepreneur and author since . He has written a book about selfemployment for recent college graduates and is a regular contributor to Macworld and the TidBITS technology newsletter. He is completing a book on selfemployment options during a recession. Davidson holds a Bachelor of Arts in American civilization from the University of Pennsylvania.

[Technological Change] The Impact of Technological Change on Business Activity

Most businesses, like most organizations, tend at first to use new technologies in very similar ways to the older ones that they replaced. But a cell phone is not simply a wireless landline phone it is also a device for rescheduling meetings on the fly, arranging for impromptu visits and avoiding congested traffic. Companies that saw mobile communications for these abilities had an immediate jump on companies that still organized around older telephone paradigms when cell phones gained widespread use. When considering a new technology, make an explicit list of underlying assumptions in your business model then see if the technology makes any of them obsolete.

[Information Technology] What Are the Advantages of Information Technology in Business?

Note Depending on which editor youre pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

[Technology Improve] How Does Technology Improve a Business?

[Using Technology] The Disadvantages of Using Technology in Business

it worldJurassic World

Zach King shows Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard the J…

Celebrate the Jurassic Park th Anniversary!

Jurassic World will be released June , .

Dinosaurs come to life in Jurassic World Alive mobile game

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom goes where Jurassic has never gone before. Watch trailer now!

Watch the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer now!it worldJurassic World

computer newsH]ardOCP

After reading this interview, withThe Stanley Parablegame creator,at PC GamerI came away not sure if the game dev knows what his next game is or will be. Then that got me thinking about how many years it has been since I playedStanley, and looked it up; almost five years ago. Then I saw that I playedStanleyfor hours almost hours per ending, and that made me hope that I had altbed out of the game and just left it open on my desktop for a full day or so. Otherwise that hours of playtime truly drives the satire home.

Hunt Showdown Crytek multiplayer supernatur…

As a full game owner, you can also invite your friends to play A Way Out for free. All you need to do is send your friend a game invite, and then they will need to download the friends pass free trial from the digital store. Thats it! After this is done, youre all set to experience the entire game online with your friend playing for free.

All in all, it is bad news for boffins as reproducibility is essential to scientific research. When running a physics simulation, any changes from one run to another should be down to interactions with the virtual world, not rare glitches in the underlying hardware.

Are More Expensive Motherboards Better Motherboards

Researchers at RWTH Aachen University in Germany claim to have found links to child ography while investigating what financial data has been stashed within the blockchain according to a report fromPCMag. in athat was presented at a conference earlier this month, in which the researchers also state that a ographic , possibly of a minor was also embedded into the blockchain, which theoretically could make Bitcoin illegal to possess in countries.

Just over two weeks after Kyle broke the story of theGeforce Partner Programand its potential anticonsumer policies, the silence from Nvidia and its partners has been deafening.Forbes published an article today, in which writer Jason Evangelho outlines that is isnt just Kyle who has been getting the cold shoulder. Jason states that while performing his own followup to the HardOCP investigation, all of his contacts have gone dark, including a few who had agreed to speak off the record. However Jason does state I had two brief conversations that made it obvious the program was troublesome, to put it mildly.

Ah the question that has been holding back society for as long as most of us can remember. What box do I use to ship this thing Finally we as a species can evolve, as eBay is now usingaugmented realityin order to help you select what box you need to ship that thing. The AR technology is built on Googles AARCore platofrm, and can be accessed via the eBay app. Just open the app, and it will virtually place a USPS flat rate box over a realworld item to see if it will fit. What glorious times we live in. Thanks to cageymaru for the story.

CPU Intel core iT .GHz/AMD FX , or better

It is quite telling how many outlets, as well as YouTubers have picked up on this story, without one official response from NVIDIA or any AIB partners. Personally it makes me wonder if they are hoping that the outrage will blow over, or if they are preparing for possible litigation. When you have outlets likeForbes, andJayztwocentsall investigating and keeping the GPP in the news, the lack of response is disconcerting.

The ct that the word smart is used five times in reference to this blog post over atNewegg Businesscertainly helps get my innergeek laughing that much harder. Sure, we all make mistakes, but what makes it even funnier is that this has been posted for nearly two months. I guess fully wireless connectivity can not get here quick enough. Wesaved an archive.isjust in case, and yes, this is real.

We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we cant then we dont deserve to serve you. Ive been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesnt happen again. The good news is that the most important actions to prevent this from happening again today we have already taken years ago. But we also made mistakes, theres more to do, and we need to step up and do it.

The new Enermax LiqFusion is an AllinOne liquid CPU cooler packed with unique features and desirable options. It has an exclusive RGBsync waterblock, flow indicator, ceramic bearing pump, as well as a serviceable design, but how well does it cool our highly overclocked Ryzen test system

Ever wonder what your data is worth to Facebook A new article fromTimeshows that the average revenue per user in was ., with users in Canada and the U.S worth even more because of the of the market. They get this profit by selling insights based on how we use Facebook, and then serve it up to marketers to strategically place ads.

Continuing the theme from the Game Developers Conference this year, Epic Games in collaboration with ILMxLAB and NVIDIA are showing off realtime ray tracing in theUnreal engine.The demo is powered by NVIDIAs RTX technology for Volta GPUs, which itself is powered by MicrosoftsDirectX Ray Tracing API, or DXR.

In the wake of theCambridge Analyticascandal,Bloombergis reporting that Facebook Inc. has lost over billion in market value in just days. To put that in perspective, Tesla Inc. is worth billion, and Snap Inc, Snapchats parent company is worth about billion.

Doing computer PSU reviews for over a decade, and keeping full documentation on those, gives us ability to do something that whets computer PSU enthusiasts appetites. We get to take some of those PSUs that have been in service for years and retest those. Cooler Master is back on the load bank! How does it look after a decade of service

WTS TB Seagate drives, port Areca RAID co…

Guys lets support AMD gpu, and boycott Nvidi…

Classified documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden show that the National Security Agency indeed worked urgently to target Bitcoin users around the world and wielded at least one mysterious source of information to help track down senders and receivers of Bitcoins, according to a topsecret passage in an internal NSA report dating to March . The data source appears to have leveraged the NSAs ability to harvest and analyze raw, global internet traffic while also exploiting an unnamed software program that purported to offer anonymity to users, according to other documents.

The Registeris reporting that Nvidias Volta based flagship, the Titan V, may have some hardware gremlins that cause them to give different answers to repeated scientific calculations. One engineer told The Register that when running identical simulations of an interaction between a protein and an enzyme the results varied. After repeated tests on four Titan Vs, he found that two of the cards gave numerical errors about of the time.

If true this certainly makes for an interesting twist into the legality of Bitcoin, as well as possibly the future of cryptocurrency as a whole.


While we dont have an issue with selling multiple variants of the same silicon, its disappointing to not see any marketing material differentiating between the two versions especially since their performance deltas are more than marginal. Casual gamers or heavy users looking for full performance out of the MX should doublecheck new notebooks before committing to a full purchase.

There is so much information here that I cant begin to wrap my head around all of it. However it certainly sounds like blockchain may not be anywhere near as secure as originally thought.

Telegram has more than . million users in Russia, according to researcher Mediascope. It raised million from investors in February in a socalled initial coin offering and is trying to raise another . billion, according to company documents seen by Bloomberg News. Telegram plans to use the proceeds to build a blockchain network with builtin cryptocurrency Gram that could enable ster transactions than bitcoin.

Surprised it took this long to bring the feature to computers, but updates to YouTube always seem very slow to materialize. One thing of note in the toGoogle article, is that they are unsure if this feature is restricted only to YouTube Red subscription holders at this time.

Amazon is known for constantly patenting different things, but this time they might be on to something. Their latest patent is interesting and a little funky because itsa patent for drone technology that allows the drone to understand what a person is saying and interpret human gestures. In this case Im on board and I cant wait to tell a drone to frak off if its in my yard and I didnt order anything. Also, Im sure I could think of a couple of gestures to go along with the choice words I spew out.

Input At least one Xboxcompatible/PlayStationcompatible controller

New Snowden documents reveal that the NSA has been tracking Bitcoin users since . The documents show that that the NSA used methods to directly siphon internet traffic using a program codenamed OAKSTAR, as well as a sham internet anonymizing service called MONKEYROCKET.ZeroHedgehas a good summary of the happenings. The original story, along with the classified documents waspublished at The Intercept.

[H]OT Peanuts [./lb] Sunflower Seeds […

Last weekwe wrote about possible AMD security flaws that were announced by CTS Labs. Today, AMD has released their assessment of CTS Labs claims in acommunity post. AMD makes it clear that the issues identified by CTS Labs have nothing to do with Meltdown and Spectre, but are associated with the firmware that manages the AMD Secure Processor, as well as the chipset used in some AM and TR motherboards.

Shockingly, when The Register repeatedly asked Nvidia for an explanation, they declined to comment. Not something you want from a card marketed for such tasks, but hey, at least itplays games really well.

Site design and frontend production bymike kane.

Game looks like it could get very intense. And the release date of May th means you can use it to give your newVive Proa workout.

Last week we brought you news thatQualcomm and Tobii were going to bring foveated renderingto new products. Well, we have more news this week that saysOculus is going to use fixed foveated renderingin their new Oculus Go product. This is good news for the VR/AR crowd because it really saves GPU power for the important rendering and at the same time will save battery power as well to make your VR/AR experience last even longer on the go.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro W PSU Year Redux

This technology is just one example of the s of innovation were working on to transform eBay, James Meeks, eBays head of Mobile, said in a statement toGeekWire. It demonstrates our continual innovation on behalf our sellers to help them save time and remove barriers.

Looking around the net, it does not seem to be terribly common, but some other instances of self breaking glass on the Note are out there. Something to keep in mind before you go stuffing your camera in someones ce. Thanks for sharing Erik, and we are glad you daughter is OK. We are happy about her grades as well. And having a good dad supporting that achievement. Just dont try to blind her with your camera next time!

Amazon Patents Drone Able to Understand Speech and React to Gestures

What would a game be like where you make interesting choices, but you cant get better at those choices, or you cant make more optimized choices What about a game where youre growing or progress in an interesting way, but where the outcomes are obscure enough that you cant see what the outcomes will lead to What about a game that has a story, but you dont need to see every piece of content to get the story

Programming by Cliff Murphy, Kevin Sorensen, Brad Hoover System Design and Administration by Cliff Murphy

If rolled out to your account, you will be able to start a video and then click anywhere on YouTube †including returning to the home, performing a search, or viewing a channel. The audio will continue to play as a sizable floating window appears in the bottomright corner of your screen.

NVIDIA is looking to get into the Instagram business with its newShot with GeForce website. The model is based on using NVIDIAs Ansel technology that lets you take ingame pictures that go r beyond just clicking F.Ansel technologywill allow you to actually move the camera around inside thesupported gameand at huge resolutions.

IO Interactive has released theHITMAN Spring Pack. The Spring Pack is a completely free download for anyone, and gives the entire Sapienza location. The Spring Pack is available on PC, PS, and Xbox One until April rd.

There is afree demoif you have never experienced this game.

Government overreach is no joke. One has to wonder if now that Telegrams niche is gone if they will continue on, and what will happen with its Gram coin. Thanks to modi for the story.

We will just have to wait and see how low Facebooks value can go, and if the company will recover from this. Two days ago we reported that if Facebook didviolate an FTC deal, they could ce fines around trillion dollars, which I would assume, would hurt their stock price further. Thanks to cageymaru for the story.

Among the data was the child ographic content found in three files; the links were lists that directed to sites found on the Dark Web. The researchers also uncovered six weddingrelated s, transactions containing public chat logs, emails and forum posts discussing Bitcoin and money laundering, in addition to backups of WikiLeaks data.

In this editorial Dan Dobrowolski digs into his lifelong experience in the tech sector as well as his more than years of reviewing motherboards for HardOCP and tries to answer a very question. While the question is very , the depth of answers may surprise you. We have a list of nine things to consider.


Amazon Patents Drone Able to Understand Speec…

HEATKILLER IV Pro Threadripper Water Block Review

Two years agowe covered a story on how Russia was requiring ISPs to give backdoor access to apps. The encrypted messaging appTelegram, has lost a bid before Russias Supreme Court to block security services getting access to users data according to aBloombergreport. Last year Telegram was asked to provide the Federal Security Services its encryption keys, and were slapped with a , fine. Today Supreme Court Judge AllA Nazarova rejected Telegrams Appeal, and now has days to provide the encryption keys.

Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk Review

Wow, by the time the C is over every ray will be traced. I have to say, this is the best looking demo of the tech I have seen so r.


Input At least one Xboxcompatible/PlayStationcompatible controller

All of these sound counterintuitive, but thats why Im so excited. The bizarre, impossiblesounding goal Ive set for myself is to create a game that does all of these things. I dont have a good answer yet as to how exactly Ill do that.

Electronic Arts has released the official PCsystem requirements, as well as a launch trailer for the upcomingA Way Out.A Way Outis a cinematic soop only game, designed for playing in split screen, either locally or online, where you and a friend escape from prison.

Game looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, but what is up with the requirement of using a controller One very cool thing is quoted below, apparently you can invite a friend to play the game, even if they dont own it. Still doesnt make up for Battlefront II, but its a very nice step.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has broken his silence on theCambridge Analytica scandaltoday in aFacebook post. Zuckerberg basically gave a timeline of events, starting at the creation of Facebook, leading up to the event. Zuckerberg states that This was a breach of trust between Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Alleging that Cambridge Analytica got the data from a personality quiz app made by Aleksandr Kogan, and both Kogan and Cambridge Analytica were supposed to have deleted the data.

Whats better for the company Smart people or a smart office One study shows youd be hard pressed to get one without the other. Technologyobsessed millennials are shaping the modern workplace with their preferences for smart office equipment, and they do not compromise.

Slingshot malware has been being discussed for the lastcouple of weeks, but the scope of it has been somewhat unclear.CyberScoop is reportingthat Slingshot has been identified as a tool used by the US for a widespread counterterrorism cyberespionage operation that has been ongoing now for up to six years. The gist of it is to breach routers and then siphon off all the information moved across those and then sort it out from there. o, no malware to detect on your computer if you pwn the pipe.

NVIDIA is now telling media that inquire aboutGPP, We have moved on from this story. Glad they cleared that up. It seems that the First Rule of GPP, really isDont Talk ABOUT GPP!

AMD Notes that all issues raised in the CTS Labs report require administrative access to the machine in order to implement, meaning before any of these exploits could be used, an attacker would already have full control of the system, and can essentially, do whatever they want. Despite this, AMD is releasing a firmware patch that will be available via BIOS update, and will not have any expected impact on system performance to address the issues. An article onPCPergoes into more depth.

The integrity of CTS Labs hascome into question, since they published the vulnerabilities last week, to where evenLinus Torvaldsspoke about it in his signature . I find it interesting that CTS Labs has decided to disable comments and hige the like/dislike ratio for the video above. And I find it impressive that AMD is going to release a patch for this, despite the ct the attacker must already have full access to the machine, as well as know what motherboard it is using in order to write a custom BIOS. Still seems quite shady to me.

Upcoming VR gameBudget Cutsby Neat Corporation has finally gotten arelease date. The game looks like a mix of Portal, and the Stanley Parable all in one, but with knives. No price has been announced, but Budget Cuts will be available for the HTC Vive on May th from Steam.

The sheer amount of data Facebook collects on its users is impressive. In , the Washington Post identified data points the site uses to target ads, including age, gender, school, square footage of home, relationship status, political leaning, where someone shops, if they like the Olympics and whether they own a motorcycle.

Great deal for anyone who has yet to give HITMAN a try with them giving out arguably the best map in the game for free. Pick it up on Steamhere.

NVIDIA K Hz GSync HDR Displays to Laun…

CPU Intel Core i K; AMD Ryzen x or equivalent

toGoogleis reporting that YouTube is testing pictureinpicture on the web. The feature has been available on Android and iOS for a long time, allowing a floating video player so that users can continue browsing while they watch, and now a small subset of users has had this feature rolled out on PC as well.

The good news just keeps coming for Nvidia. In an article from Notebookcheck, they are advising people purchasing an ultrabook with GeForce MX graphics to be on the lookout for an underclocked, less powerful GPU hiding under the same name, and not advertised as such. They have discovered two variants of the MX in various laptops, the standard has an ID of D, and another with the ID of D. The D has been found in inch ultrabooks, and has a lower base clock, and less performance than the D. Things like this make me wonder if someone thinks Im an DT.

In addition CTS Labs has posted a video on YouTube, showing proofofconcept for the Masterkey exploit. In the video CTS Labs shows them installing a modified BIOS for a TYAN motherboard which makes the screen flicker during boot.

Wallye Tactik Duffle for SFF carry M, A, S…

The system requirements seem irly friendly as well.

Sounds like a lot of it wasnt our ult lip service to me. I understand that under their previous rules, apps could get user data from the friends of people who had installed it why that was ever a feature remains a mystery, but even so, how does , people installing this quiz app equate to million profiles Zuckerberg will have an interview tonight on Anderson Cooper on CNN at PM ET.

Youll get the main story mission, World of Tomorrow, levels of Mastery including weapon and item unlocks, more than challenges, achievements/trophies and ALL of the Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and Featured Contracts that weve released for Sapienza. On top of all that, any Elusive Targets that are reactivated in Sapienza will also be playable through the Spring Pack.


Facebook shares tumbled . percent on Monday, the most in almost four years, and the selloff resumed on Tuesday with news that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating the handling of user data, and a report that Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos plans to leave. Shares fell . to . at p.m. in New York.

Enermax LiqFusion AllInOne CPU Cooler Review

There you have it. The value of your is . A bit hohum when you think of it as , but when you add that to the ct that Facebook had . billion monthly users in Q , it becomes insane.

Long time HardOCP reader, Eric Crowley of Stockton, California, had a dangerous moment with his Samsung Note this morning. His daughter has been good grades at school so she was awarded with a new pair of earrings. Eric was taking a couple of pictures with his Samsung Note so he could show his daughter how those looked on her. On snapping his third picture, he heard pop similar to what popping shipping bubble sheet sounds like. As you can see below, the glass cover over the Note s rear cing cameras exploded outward onto this daughter. The explosion was akin to an old shioned flash bulb! Eric explained she had glass residue on her that was of a dusty shiny particle consistency from her cheek back to her ear. Thankfully none of the glass particles got into her eyes, but to be on the safe side due to the of the tiny fragments he had her eyes irrigated just in case. He said she is fine and not injured, thankfully. Erik has been using his Note for about months, was at charge, and previously undamaged.

In the filing, Amazon says the technology could be used to adjust plans for a drone delivered package after getting feedback from humans either through visible and audible gestures. Amazon doesnt specify what gestures the drone could react to, but directions to place a package in a certain spot, or a wave of the arms to tell the machine not to come any closer seem like solid bets.

Interesting Oculus talk at C today. Oculus GO will use Fixed Foveated Rendering to save GPU.

What does , US buy you in terms of gaming performance on the PC in We are about to find out. Weve got the Volta GPU powered NVIDIA TITAN V video card inhouse, tested in thirteen games at p and K, oh and we even overclocked it, just because.

Ray tracing is a rendering process typically only associated with highend offline renderers and hours and hours of computer processing time, said Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney. Filmquality ray tracing in real time is an Unreal Engine first. This is an exciting new development for the media and entertainment linear content worldsand any markets that require photorealistic visualization.

Slingshot helped the military and intelligence community collect information about terrorists by infecting computers they commonly used, sources told CyberScoop. Often times, these targeted computers would be located within internet cafes in developing countries. ISIS and alQaeda targets would use internet cafes to send and receive messages, the sources said.

Jason also points out aReddit threadthat was posted today, pointing out the GPP had claimed its first victim. Further digging found nothing amiss at Asus website, with plenty of ROG Radeon offerings. However the MSI product for their Gaming X branded GPUs are devoid of Radeon cards. As well Gigabyte has released a new external GPU enclosure, housing an RX , which is suspiciously devoid of any AUROS branding, unlike the NVIDIA puterBasereached out to Gigabyte about why this model was not under the brand for players, and were told by Gigabyte that the focus of the RX enclosure is not on players.

Enermax LiqFusion AllInOne CPU Cooler Review

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WorldSemi was founded in , we work as the leading LED specialist in IC designer for Constant Current LED Driver IC, Chip Driver LED, we are recognized as the product development and delivery of LED lighting industry leader and weve expanded offerings to inclusion of LED strip lights, LED point lights and LED controllers etc. As the original manucturer of WSxx series products WSS, WS, WS, WSB, WS, WS…., WorldSemi with its advanced equipment, firstrate technical staff, and strict quality management system and the highquality service to customers trust and support. WorldSemi team believes that high performance, super quality and competitive price of our products will satisfy your requirements.

AddressF,E Bldg,No.,ZongDui Rd,Daling Village, DaLingShan Town,DongGuan,GuangDong,China

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LED magic lantern because of its high energysaving, safety, longevity and ersity, has dominated the half for outdoor decorative lighting.

LED lights with just initials, full name is a semiconductor light emitting diodes.

In todays era of LED lights, people and LED tightly together and cannot be separated from peoples lives.

LED magic lantern because of its high energysaving, safety, longevity and ersity, has dominated the half for outdoor decorative lighting.

In todays era of LED lights, people and LED tightly together and cannot be separated from peoples lives.

LED magic lanterns in LED decorative applications on the market are very broad, magic lantern LED to less pollution, low energy consumption, sility is very good.

Landmark is a city or landmark. Tall buildings, overpasses, plazas, monuments of culture, are likely to become a landmark. One night, commanding overlooking the entire city, most beautiful, lighting b

LED lights to lighten the trend a new step by step

Bright LED flexible light of energy saving recommended

When darkness comes, when Shenzhen, a big city lit, became a sea of light, the light of the world.

LED driver chip and intelligent LED original ctory

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computer newsTheres A Rather Adult Reason Computer Virus Infections In The US Drop Off During Lent

Toby Hudson/Wikimedia Commons /Yuttanas / Shutterstock/ IFLSceince.

They could very well be giving up for Lent, Gerding continued. What weve found is that a large percentage of the malware that ends up on our customers computers is because they were visiting adult websites.

Pittsburghs infections have dropped percent

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And then as soon as Easter is over, it goes right back up again.

So whats going on? Are people too exhausted from not eating chocolate to install Pirate Bay? Too full of pancakes to download any illegal copies ofShrekorShrek ? That might be part of the answer, but its most likely also because people are giving up Internet for forty days.

In those cities with a higher than average Catholic population, we actually see a bit of a decrease in [computer] infections, and we think thats because they are giving up, at least temporarily, some of the activities that could lead them to getting infections.

Milwaukees infections have dropped percent

Los Angeles infections have dropped percent

Philadelphias infections have dropped percent

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Well, theres an Easter tradition you dont hear much about. If you struggle keeping track, it goes Palm Sunday, Easter Monday, Touch It Tuesday followed by the usual What The F*ck Is Wrong With My Laptop What Are All These PopUps Wednesday.

The dropoff in people seeking help for malware issues usually lasts the whole way through Lent.  saw a dropoff of percent in people seeking help for malware infections, as people stick to their Lent promises, however, crotchrelated they may be.

You wouldnt, however, expect them to be affected too much by religious holidays. We cant think why infections would peak during Holi or trough during Christingle. However, during Lent every year there are big fluctuations from normal infection rates.

In the US, during Lent so r this year, malware virus infections have dropped off by percent,according tothe Enigma Software Group ESG. If you break it down by city, you see even bigger dropoffs, with Pittsburg topping the list with a whopping percent dropoff during the Lenten season.

Its very common for people who participate in Lenten activities to curtail usage of things like social media and technology in general in the weeks leading up to Easter, explained ESG spokesperson Ryan Gerding in astatement.

Sometimes, computer viruses are affected by things you wouldnt generally think of. Some are more obvious than others. For example, their spread is indirectly affected by the weather due to people staying indoors and using their computers more during the cold weather. During blizzards in the US in ,infections spikedas scammers targeted the increase in people online.