Tips for Hanging the Towel Ring

If there is not enough space in your bathroom then in order to hang the towels a towel ring is better choice compared to towel bar. You can put it behind the door or under any shelf. However, while installing the ring you may have questions related to the towel ring height. What should be the ideal height to which the towel ring will be hanged?

Black Towel Ring

Standard height for hanging the towel ring

The towel ring height depends upon certain factors. You just cannot hang the towel ring anywhere you want. There must be at least a gap of 18 inches between the floor and the end of the towel. However, the standard that is maintained for the average towel ring height is 48 inches. And if it is for any children bathroom then the average height should be 36 inches.

hanging the towel ring

However, it not only matters that you check the towel height but also must see that while people are using the towel they should feel comfortable. It must be placed accordingly.

Other things to consider

Apart from checking out the towel ring height it is also necessary that while you choose a towel ring for your bathroom you ensure that it goes well with the decor of your bathroom. In case you have brass accessories in your bathroom you should have a brass towel ring only. Else it will not look good.

You should also ensure that the towel ring is in proximity to the wash basin so that there are no unnecessary drips after cleaning ones hands. In case of bath towels it is necessary to place them neat the shower, but it should be so placed that it does not get wet. In case of bath tub, the towel ring should be near the tub maintaining the height.

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